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In and around Montreal (North Shore and South Shore)

Our agency is there for you!

Our agency covers 4 distinct categories which are events, public support, massage and escort service. Our hosts and hostesses can match your desires (gays, lesbians, heterosexuals, black women, etc.).

In the different sections of our menu you will find all the personalized and customizable services that we offer. Our wide range of services sets us apart from other companies as we make sure that our customers are satisfied from the order to the finalization of the service offered.

You will be satisfied with the quality of our services and you will certainly want to come back and even recommend us to anyone who will tell you about one of our services in the more or less near future.

If you have a request for an event, you can communicate with us through our form on our contact page, sending us an email or contacting us by phone. We can find hosts or hostesses to accompany you at events, to attend events or to prepare events.

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